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In a curious way, the Apple iPad is a self-contained graphics tablet with a built-in computer with very high-resolution touch sensitivity.
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Wacom's first step to bridge the gap between computer pen tablet and Apple’s device, Wacom has a new iOS app called Bamboo Paper Named after the Bamboo line of USB tablet devices. As a digital notebook it offers a responsive and fluid ink engine that's practical and fun to use.

With limited palette of tools and colors, this finger or pen app is fine for written notes and sketching and doodling. But not-so for serios detailed artwork. Perhaps with further advances to Apple's tablet device and it's multi-touch sensitive surface, we may eventally see an iPad better suited for digital drawing and true painting abilities.

The Bamboo Paper app is currently free. It's been speculated much of the 'value' of this iOS doodle and note app is Wacom’s quality, if not overpriced, rubber-tip iPad stylus, the Bamboo Stylus for iPad. Or perhaps it is a sign of better things to come: a true artist’s iPad.

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