Drawing Tablet Programs For Mac OSX : Graphics Pad Software

Top Drawing Tablet Apps For Mac OSX

These days' you can find a graphics tablet on the desk of just about any modern computer-based photographer, artist or designer, CAD engineer, 3D modeller, website design professional, or anyone who needs more precise input than a typical mouse or Apple's trackpad can offer. People who've suffered from repetitive stress injuries from keyboards and mice might benefit from using graphics tablets on their Mac as an alternative, ergonomic computer input device.

Graphics Pad Software For Macintosh

Graphics tablets and their stylus-based interface have the ability to detect pressure, tilt, and other attributes. The stylus and its interaction with the tablet allows a very natural way to create computer graphics, designs and illustrations on your Mac. Many graphics packages and paint programs for OSX are able to make use of the pressure, stylus tilt, or rotation information generated by a tablet and modifying the brush size, shape, opacity, or color of strokes based on data received from the graphics tablet.

Elements 13 For Mac

Snow Leopard 10.6+

Mac Anime and Cartooning

Manga Studio Version 5

Corel Painter Mac 2015

World-Class Pressure-Sensitive Art Tools

Autodesk SketchBook Pro 7

For Mac OSX 10.5+

Mac OSX Tablet Software For Casual Users

Graphics tablets aren’t just for Mac Pros. They are also appreciated by amateur artists and cartoonists, and home photo editing tasks. Many affordably-priced Mac compatible tablet models are aimed at the home user and can let you take advantage of pressure-sensitive drawing, illustration and photo retouching tools on a budget.

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