Apple Compatible Pen Display Tablets For MacOS

Pen Display Tablets For Mac

Shopping for an Apple-friendly combination drawing pad and pen tablet display monitor solution? With the cost of both pressure sensitive computer drawing tablets and LCD monitors plunging, we're starting to see Mac compatible pen tablet displays becoming more affordable than ever.
Low-Cost Pen MonitorPremium Pen Display
Parblo 10.1" LCD Tablet

Affordable USB Pen Display
Wacom Cintiq LCD Tablet

13" 1900x1280 HD Pen Display

Mac Compatibility Of Computer Display Tablets

The Apple platform is well supported across all the major manufacturers of computer monitor drawing pad hardware. In general MacOS 10.8+ seems to be the recommended OS version to be running.
Affordable LDC Drawing PadBig Screen Drawing Monitor
Ugee 19" Drawing Monitor

1440 x 900 Display Resolution
Huion 21.5" IPS Display Tablet

With Cables & Adapter
There's certainly no shortage of pressure-sensitive, tablet aware Mac OSX apps, including: Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Illustrator Creative Suite, Corel Painter, Manga Anime' Studio, Pixelmator, Maya 3D, ArtRage, Gimp, Autodesk Sketch, Ink2Go, and many more.

As with standard USB and Bluetooth wireless drawing pads, some may include extra, programmable shortcut buttons on the border of the display tablet itself to access your favorite and most commonly used application-specific tool features. Otherwise you can simply interact directly with the apps tool palette on the LCD display screen.

Benefits Of Drawing Tablet Display Artwork

For many years, there was a physical and visual disconnect between traditional drawing pads for Mac and what you saw on your Apple computer's display. But these LCD tablets integrate both features so that you can sketch and paint directly on the display's surface for a much more accurate and expressive interaction. Whther you're 3D modeling, doing photographic touch-up work or illustration, drawing directly on the pad display is a compelling feature. It also extends your monitor workspace to a second display so you can keep your primary display free for other applications or toolbars.

Over the years the resolution and pressure sensitivity of drawing tablets has gone from 512 to 1024 to 2048 levels of sensitivity. But now, even ordinary cheap drawing pads for Mac all seem to feature 2048 levels - as do the above LCD monitor drawing pads. For artists and retoucher's, these directly translate into precision and expressive actions and guestures to capture the stroke. Some integrate MULTI-TOUCH capabilities so that you can leverage both the drawing pen and your fingers to control and navigate your Mac graphic application.

Computer Tablet Connectivity

The most affordable LDC pen displays connect via USB 3. But many pads offer multiple video interfaces from a standard DB-9 VGA, to DV-I to HDMI standard video ports. It's important to note which type of video output you have: You may need a mini-Display port or ThunderBolt display adapter dongle depending on your particular Macintosh model.

LCD Pressure-Sensitive Display Tablet Manufacturers

For premium and high-end professionals, most wil gravitate towards Wacom who has long dominated the Apple comptuer drawing pad market. But be prepared for sticker-shock. Most of their drawing displays range from $600 up to nearly two grand with their latest 2nd-generation Cintiq Companion 2.

For more affordability, look for LCD drawing pads from Huion, Ugee, Turcom, or Parblo which offer great hardware at far more compelling prices. Huion in particular has become the #2 player in the Mac compatible computer drawing pad market, giving Wacom some much needed competition.

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