6 Cheap Drawing Pads For MacOS Computer Graphics

Budget Graphic Tablets For Mac OSX

Shopping for a downright cheap Apple compatible drawing pad? You needn't spend an arm and a leg to get pressure-sensitive drawing freedom and expression with these very affordable computer pen tablets for MacOS.

Below are some hand-picked low-lost graphic drawing tablet recommendations for Mac OS users:
Cheapest Wacom TabletCompact Turcom Tablet
Intuos Drawing Pad

Batter-Free Pen + Wireless Option
Turcom USB Drawing Pad

5.5x4" 2048 Levels

Large Drawing Surfaces - At Low Cost

These low-cost Mac compatible drawing pads feature surprisingly large drawing areas. Particularly for computer-based digital illustration and painting, a larger pen tablet surface area can allow broader guestures and more artistic expression when sketching.
Cheap Monoprice Pen TabletCheap Ugee Graphic Tablet
Monoprice 10x6" Tablet

With Programmable Buttons
Ugee Widescreen Drawing Pad

10X6" Area + Programmable Buttons

All the above pen tables are USB connected sketch pads. In the budget category, only Wacom offers an optional wireless accessory kit to convert select models of it's USB computer drawing tablets to Bluetooth wireless functionality for around $35.

Pen Tablet Drivers For Mac OSX

Although your cheap Mac drawing pad may ship with a PC/Mac driver installation CD, chances are you 1. Own a recent Mac that doesn't even have a CD/DVD drive, or 2. The drivers included in the digital pen pad's packaging may be way out of date. Either way, we strongly recommend you install the absolute latest Mac version of the drawing pen tablet driver software downloaded directly from the manufacturer's website.

Visit Wacom.com for thier drivers. Note that Huion is an OEM manufacturer that sells it's drawing tablets several under other brand names too, such as Turcom. Here's the link to Ugee computer pen tablet software for MacOS.