Wireless Drawing Pads For Mac OSX

Wireless Drawing Tablets For Mac

Wireless graphics tablets for Mac are growing in popularity as the general trend of wireless and tangle-free connectivity grows in popularity. As the leader in Mac compatible tablets, Wacom has opted to offer an OPTIONAL RF wireless kit for many of the models in its product line. Select tablets give you the option of using an RF USB transmitter, receiver and battery instead of being tethered directly to a USB cable on your Mac.

Here's some of our hand-picked recommendations for wireless capable Mac compatible drawing pads who want more freedom than a USB attached graphic tablet provides:    
Mac Pro Graphic Tablet Optional Wireless ConnectivityCheap Wacom Tablet For Mac
Large Intuos 5 Pro

Wireless Kit INCLUDED
Wacom Wireless Tablet Kit

Battery - Transmitter - Receiver
Intuos Art Pen & Touch

With Software Bundles

Wacom's wireless tablet conversion kit is compatible with the following products:

There ARE trade-offs for wireless convenience: There's the added expense of wireless hardware over conventional USB connected drawing tablets. Batteries are now involved and recharging is needed daily and periodically depending on frequency of use. And, as with any wireless connnected computer peripheral there's simply the occasional or intermittent connection drop-out issues that may happen when you roam too far from the tablet's reliable transmission range of operation.

Bluetooth vs RF Wireless Tablet Operation

The two primary methods of connecting a grawing pad to your Cac are either using Bluetooth or RF Wireless signals. The advantages of connecting a drawing tablet via Bluetooth to your Apple MacBook laptop or desktop computer is the ubiquity of Bluetooth on ALL Mac's made in recent history. But Bluetooth has a limitedrange of 30 feet at best and often less in real-world use.

The alternative: A drawing pad that comes with and uses a 2.9 GHz radio frequency transmitter offers a higher-speed, greater usable distance range and potentially more reliable connection. The trade-off in an RF wireless drawing tablet on your Mac is that the RF transmitter will require a dedicated USB port for the receiver dongle. On Macintosh desktop systems like the iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro that may not be much of an issue since these desktop systems typically include 3 or more USB ports for the dongle. On MacBook Pro and Air laptops, available USB ports are in shorter supply. The tiny USB RF tablet's dongle may be a bit more of an inconvenience onMac systems which don't have alot of extra USB ports.

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